Thanks to its fantastic location, Lindos is one of the hottest areas on the Island of Rhodes. This means that it is very important that the pool and/or Jacuzzi in your villa is in good condition. If you are interested in a pool and jacuzzi cleaning service, get in touch and we can discuss our holiday villa services in more detail.

The Importance Of A Clean Pool

Many people dream of a beautiful swimming pool for their holiday villas. However, one very important aspect of owning a beautiful swimming pool is keeping it clean. If you do not regularly clean your pool and do not regularly perform general maintenance, your pool could become very unclean indeed. The same is also true for Jacuzzis. They need to be cleaned and maintained, otherwise they could become unclean.

There are various techniques involved in pool cleaning. Such as skimming, brushing and vacuuming. You also need to make sure that your pool is the correct PH level; ideally the PH should be between 7.2 and 7.8. A PH above 7.8 is considered alkaline, which can cause problems for your pool. It can prevent chlorine from properly cleaning your pool.

A PH that is lower than 7 is considered acidic. You might notice the low PH as your swim. If the PH is too low it can cause skin irritation and cause your eyes to burn (when opened underwater). Low PH can also be dangerous to your pool; it could cause metal in you pool to corrode. Also, similar to high PH, low PH in your pool water can prevent your disinfectants from working.

Pool Cleaning; Results You Can See!

In order to enjoy your villa and provide your guests with an enjoyable poolside experience, you should consider a professional pool cleaning service.

We offer fantastic pool cleaning services with results that you can see! If you browse through our Facebook page you can see some fantastic photos of our swimming pool maintenance services with before and after images.

Don't Forget The Pool Deck!

Whilst a clean pool is important, another key part of a beautiful and welcoming holiday villa pool is a clean and beautiful pool deck.

Keeping the area around the pool clean is also very important for keeping your pool clean. If every time you enter the pool you bring in dirt from the area around your pool, you are going to need to clean the pool more frequently.

If you are searching for a professional pool cleaning service for your holiday villa in Rhodes, or if you would like more information regarding any of our Villa services, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated team.

You can contact our team by either calling us on 0030 2244 031 650, or by sending us an email at You can also find us on Facebook.

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