Lindos Property Management is based in the beautiful beach resort of Kalathos, near Lindos on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes. This is a picturesque location for a holiday villa, either for yourself or for your guests. Facing the mesmerising Mediterranean sea, Kalathos and Lindos are fantastic choices for a holiday villa. If you are searching for a lettings management service for your Villa get in touch with us and we can discuss our villa services in more detail.

Rhodes; A Beautiful Island

The island of Rhodes is an island with a wealth of history. It is home to one of the wonders of the ancient world, Colossus of Rhodes. It is also known as “The Island of The Knights". This is because the island was conquered by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem. This group was also known as the Knights Hospitaller; they successfully defended the island during the 1480 seige of Rhodes. This organisation is now known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, this means that it is the oldest surviving chivalric order in the world.

History is not the only thing to enjoy on the beautiful island of Rhodes. The Island of Rhodes is a wonderful island with small villages and spa resorts, making it a popular choice for holidaymakers and villa locations. The island has many wonderful beaches to enjoy and other beautiful locations such as the Valley of Petaloudes.

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